You can help with our commitments, and enable us to grow and move forward!

PAR (Pre Authorized Remittance)

1.  You can set up regular giving through PAR (Pre Authorized Remittance). The United Church of Canada's website has a convenient link with everything you need to do this. (PAR is managed by each church).

Our Congregation's PAR Program 

You can submit this to us by mail, or you can also email the information to us at Wesley United Church (just include in your email the same required information that you see on the form).  Emailing a voided cheque is not possible, but you can download a form from your on-line bank account that provides the same information:


1. Name and address of financial institution, 2. Identification number (caisse or branch, transit number), 3. Financial institution number, 4. Folio or account number (including zeros), 5. Check digit.

There is usually a link for that downloadable form included with your account on your bank website.  You can attach it to your email.


2.  You can donate via Canada Helps, which we use primarily for donating to special causes (eg Roof Donation) but can be used for any sort of donation or offering. 


You can set up automatic donations through this service:

Wesley United Church Canada Helps




Canada Helps