Proof of Vaccination

Here is a brief outline which we hope balances the need for safety with the welcoming spirit we strive for as part of in-person worship:

Updated Air Filtration System

  • We have updated the air filtration system for the Sanctuary to a MERV 13 specification, which gives additional protection against viruses.



  • We will use only the Cambridge St. doors for both entering and exiting. 
  • Contact tracing through attendance sign-in sheet.


Face Masks, Hand Sanitizers, Social Distancing, and Medical Exemptions:

  • Please wear a face covering, sanitize hands and maintain social distancing while inside Wesley, even if fully vaccinated. 
  • If you are unable to wear a mask for medical reasons, we expect that you will have been vaccinated and will wear an “I am vaccinated” sticker. 


On-line services will continue:

  • We appreciate being able to continue the virtual services with the help of Earl and his team.


Offering Plates:

  • Offering plates will be available at the door rather than passing the plate through the pews.



  • While congregational and choir singing is not yet allowed, Amy and her choir members will continue to record hymns outside which we can appreciate via the big screen. 
  • She suggested that "humming" along under their mask is certainly ok!


Socializing After the Service:

  • We encourage folks to visit outside the Cambridge Street entrance after the service, keeping in mind social distancing recommendations.


Sunday School paused:

  • Sunday School will not be operating for the fall.
  • Children are certainly welcome and there are art materials available for children to use during the service.


Please don’t hesitate to forward questions or concerns to the re-opening task group through Susan Martin.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols in place:

COVID-19 Safety Protocols


COVID-19 Safety Protocols

We are resuming in-person services as of February 13, 2022, consistent with Ontario's  Step Three of the Reopening Ontario Act


New protocol as of December 12, 2021:

What is changing?

  • Beginning on Sunday, Dec. 12, 2021, we will be confirming the COVID-19 vaccination status of those who attend our Sunday services in person and limiting access to the sanctuary to those who are fully vaccinated.


Will regular attendees have to show their proof of vaccination every week?

  • Regular attendees will only have to provide proof of vaccination one time and their status will be kept in our records. 
  • A "master" list of attendees and adherents will be kept at the Cambridge St. door on Sundays. Anyone not on that list can be easily added.


Why are we making this change?

  • Verifying vaccination status of all attendees will allow Wesley United sanctuary to be populated up to a higher capacity and to remove the current practice of limiting every second row of pews (although social distancing will continue to be strongly encouraged).


What type of proof of vaccination will be accepted?

  • Government-issued vaccination receipt (with or without QR code) on your phone or in hard copy
  • Hard copy receipts received at the time of your vaccination
  • E-mailed copy of vaccination receipts sent to in advance


What if I don't have a smart phone or electronic version of my vaccination receipt?

  • Hard copy receipts are acceptable.


Will COVID-19 safety protocols continue to be in place?

  • Yes, we will continue to require attendees to wear masks (unless not medically able to do so) and remain socially distant during services. COVID-19 Tracing Log will continue to be in place.